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Yard Drainage and Green Storm Solutions

Aces Four Construction are experts at drainage solutions for your residence, as well as for new construction projects. We have been operating in the Seattle area for almost 40 years! We are familiar with the needs that arise due to our unpredictable weather. From catch basins to large detention systems, we will create a drainage system to handle your storm water issues and protect your property. Drainage systems can include green technology such as rain gardens, bio cells, and other water conservation methods.

Storm water retention and green solutions

We are adept at storm detention systems, retention ponds, rain gardens and bio cells. The Aces Four family is expert at large scale storm water systems and new construction drainage detention, as well as small residential drainage issues. With over 40 years experience in our wonderful rainy pacific northwest weather, we'll help with all your property's drainage needs.

Water in your basement or crawl space? Let us help with your yard drainage issues

If water is getting into your basement or crawlspace, a problem which can occur when current footing drain or downspout systems fail or when groundwater conditions around your property have changed, this can be quite damaging. It not only affects your carpet/flooring, but also presents dangers of mold, humidity, and structural damage to your home.

Our estimator will meet you at your property to inspect the drainage situation, discuss options, and provide an estimate for how best to protect your house.

Often the best solution is an exterior footing drain system (i.e. repairing an existing system or installing a new foundation drain system). Aces Four can excavate to expose your foundation and install footing drains (perforated pipe surrounded in washed rock) to collect the ground water and move it away from your house. We seal coat the exposed portion of the foundation wall to prevent further water infiltration.

Clogged downspouts

Your drainage problems may also be caused by your downspout lines. If there are blocked drain lines, we can use our rooter machine or hydro jetter to help clear the line. If downspout repair is needed, we also have the expertise to perform this drainage repair. We will design a yard drainage system that will best protect your property and provide the best value to you. Often it is advantageous to connect a downspout system to a catch basin, infiltrator, or bubble box farther away from your home.

Yard drainage

Yard drainage can also be a problem. Not only is it frustrating to have a soggy lawn (depriving your family of using this mucky grass), but it can cause damage to your lawn/landscaping, damaging plants and causing moss invasion. Paved areas such as patios and walkways can crack, settle, become covered in moss, and become icy/dangerous in cold temperatures. Each yard is unique, so Aces Four will come out to your property to properly assess your conditions and how best to resolve your drainage problems.

Similarly, driveway drainage problems can be a headache, creating mossy surfaces that can settle and crack. Also, water can create large pools/puddles, often seeping into a nearby garage. We'll assess your driveway drain situation, and propose the appropriate solution, which often includes a trench drain or catch basin.

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